1. S

    SeaDoo diagnosis?

    We have a sea doo and we just used it last summer but now we tried to start it and it wouldn’t start. It wasn’t the battery. Kept trying and it started for a second, and then stopped. Then it started MAJORLY backfiring. So loud! Stubborn as we are we continue a couple more times and then stop...
  2. XARiUS

    2000 GTX Millennium Edition 947 DI - Timing - HELP ME PLEASE!!

    :chillpill: So I have Sea Doo Problems... I own 3, 2 run awesome (717's) but I also have this 2000 ME DI GTX. But this GTX DI has been a royal PITA but I like it and want it to run again. So in 2014 she took on some water and I had to change the stator. Keep in mind that it ran just fine...
  3. Tylerburdin

    93 seadoo xp

    Hey guys I have a 93 seadoo xp that has a 720cc won't start it just wants to backfire threw the carb sounds strong turning over have 150 psi on both cylinders have spark getting fuel clean gas all fuses are good rotory valve is in time flywheel key is alittle worn but not play or anything...
  4. 6

    97 XP 787 - Will a bad DESS post cause backfiring and resulting engine damage?

    If you don't want to read my long winded story below then please just answer the following question: Can a bad DESS post cause the engine to backfire while riding in the upper RPM range, push out and bend the rotary valve, scrape up the RV cover, and then cause the engine to quit? If you...
  5. H

    1997 XP 787 - Backfire, Flooding, Low Compression on 1 Cylinder

    Need help on this one! Possibly even a therapist! 1997 XP 787 - Backfire / Flooding / Low Compression on 1 cylinder I just replaced a non-working coil with a pretty corroded one that had cleaned up to get a spark on this ski that was running perfect last year. Got ski to crank and sounded...
  6. R

    1997 seadoo xp won't start, will start, backfires

    Hey guys, not sure how to create a new thread yet but I hope you can help me!! I have a 1997 seadoo xp (787 engine). I had it out on the lake once this year, tipped it after a long day and it stopped running... took it home dried it out, took the whole top half of the engine apart and replaced...
  7. goldfishdude04

    Backfiring through carbs

    I have a 98 seadoo gs 717 motor. I had the famous green goo clogg the internal filter in my carb. I cleaned the carb and got the gunk out. When i replaced it i found that my fuel selector was clogged. I cleaned the selector and still it is gunked up somewhere. I have since bypassed the switch...
  8. sledman1

    Help Please! Issues with a 98 GTX Limited. Will not take the gas.

    Looking for some help on a 1998 GTX Limited (951). The engine starts and idles but sputters and backfires once you give it the gas and you get above about 1500 RPM’s. 125 psi compression both cylinders. I have swapped out the gray fuel lines. Cleaned the carb filters. Tried a second set of...