787 not starting

  1. A

    1998 Seadoo Speedster Port Side engine no spark.

    Let me get all the good info out of the way. I just purchased this boat and was instantly informed the Port side engine has no spark and the previous owner had already replaced the MPEM module and supposedly had both motors pulled and new magnetos installed. Decided to bring it home and...
  2. B

    97 GSX 787 - Starter Relay/ Soleniod Clicks

    Hello everyone, first post here, and i apologize in advance that its a long one. (Summary): -If everything is 100% perfect voltage wise and the solenoid jump trick doesnt work, can I deduce I have bad starter? -If I find out my DESS post is testing badly, do I need to...
  3. T

    Looking for a good shop in or a round Indiana

    I have run into a issue with my 99 challenger 1800 that I cann't fix. I need to find a good shop but am worried due to the stories I have heard about shops ripping poeple off. I got to do something, boat will not start after it warms up.
  4. T

    99 challenger 1800 - Starts first but not after it warms up HELP ??????

    I bought my first seadoo this winter (without a test drive). I have had it out a few times now and keep having the same issue. One motor runs great and the other keeps dieing while idleing but when i do get out to the main lake it runs GREAT. However when I stop and shut it down after an half...
  5. IDoSeaDoo

    Leaking Center Oil Seals on the crank

    I did a leak test to find that my crank seals leak to the Rotary Valve gear chamber. One or both of the center oil seals on the crank seem to be bad. My problem the ski had, was it wouldn't start in water, and I did EVERYTHING to it to try to remedy the problem. My challenge is for someone...