Looking for a good shop in or a round Indiana

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I have run into a issue with my 99 challenger 1800 that I cann't fix. I need to find a good shop but am worried due to the stories I have heard about shops ripping poeple off.

I got to do something, boat will not start after it warms up.
What exactly does it do? Does it run totally fine when you first run it and only has problems when warm? When you say it wont start, is it that the engine is cranking and wont fire or is it hard to crank?
I posted another thread desribing what it is doing.

It runs fine after warm, but if I shut it off it will not start back up even after sitting for hours. The next day it will start fine again. With this and the other thread, please let me know what you think. I keep hearing "rebuild the carbs", not sure if I will tackle or find somewhere to take it.
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