4 tec

  1. chubkov

    mechanic: Seadoo, Skidoo, Atv, etc. Brp.

    Hello I want to share information with you. everyone can maintain their own BRP transport. All you need is diagnostics and software.BUDS. For beginners, The nuancesCandoo Pro Home. For all the time of work with different equipment. I checked the information myself, and with the clients...
  2. S

    2003 Seadoo GTX head gasket?

    Hello everyone I am new here but have owned numerous 2 stroke seadoos and yamaha and Kawasaki. Recently i purchased a 2003 seadoo gtx 4 tec normally aspirated. I got the ski for only 1200 bucks with a trailer. The ski is running great and has a topspeed of 55mph has no issues starting...
  3. R

    Added a cup tap water to my coolant system to top up as it was low. Should I flush and put fresh coolant in or roll with it? 2007 RXT.

    Regrettably added a cup tap water to my coolant system to top up as it was low. Instantly realized this was a poor decision. Just wondering if I should flush the system and put fresh coolant in before going for another ride or if I will be ok since it was such a small amount. Cheers.
  4. 3ftDeep

    Tribute to The Canadian Swamp King

    Our friend and mentor, Les the Canadian Swamp King, recently passed away. This tribute is our way of saying thank you for everything you did to inspire us. We'll miss you, Les.
  5. ww111

    Islandia 430 Flush problem

    Hi all, I hate for the first post to be a "Request for help" but here I am... 2009 Islandia 430 and the LH engine is fine without issue. The RH engine starts, runs and sounds great but when I hook up and start the water to flush the exhaust (I'm on the intercoastal here in Northern FL) I get...
  6. Gordo

    winterizing exhaust system for speedster 150

    I am preparing to winterize my 2010 speedster 150 with the non SC , a 155 4 tec . I see in the manual that they suggest using shop air to get the water out of the exhaust system. I wonder how is it that when flushing the exhaust with a hose and water the engine needs to be running but when...
  7. briancayko

    Official Name or brand of the wake Tower?

    Hey guys, I have a 2010 210 challenger SE 310hp and am looking at a custom cover. The covers have an option of "Extreme Tower." Is this the actual name of the tower that came stock on the boat, OEM? here is a pic of my boat and tower: Thanks in Advance, Brian
  8. G

    02 gtx 4 tec buzzing comming from mpem

    On my 2002 gtx 4-tec there is a buzzing noise coming from the mpem, I have check all the wires, took all the negatives and cleaned.. i cleaned everything! I have been researching this problem and everyone says its a bad ground wire it seems like but Ive checked them, also it only buzzes when...
  9. V

    Exhaust flush conversions.

    Good evening all, I'm new to the forum and thought I would seek some guidance on something I heard regarding the process of flushing the exhaust system in my newly acquired 2008 Seadoo GTX 155. It was brought to my attention that there may be a kit that would allow me to flush the exhaust...
  10. jaybird

    ****Trouble with 2006 Sea Doo Sportster 4-tec NON-Supercharged****

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to the whole boating scene entirely. I just bought me a 2006 Sea Doo Sportster 4-tec. I tried to do all the research I could in order to make a good buy. Tested it out, ran it for more than 30 minutes on the water. The guy admited to the RPM gauge...
  11. H

    Seadoo 4 TEC Stretch Bolts

    Has anyone used SBT or WSM stretch bolts on a rebuild? I'm rebuilding a 4 tec and was considering these or OEM. Wasn't sure of the quality or reliability. Thanks,
  12. R

    Supercharger Testing

    With the supercharger off the engine, does anybody know if there is a way to see if the oil seal leaks? S/C was brand new and only run less than an hour and local shop said oil seal was bad. There's no visible damage, it spins freely, etc. Thanks, Ron
  13. J

    2004 RXP 215 sc....Winterize Help

    Hello all, i am new to the site and I am sure some where on here someone has asked the same question but Ill ask... Can any one help me with the winterizing procedures for this machine. Diagrams/pdf's etc...would be very helpful.... Thanks for the help... Jake
  14. M

    2004 Sea Doo 200 , One engine wont start after storage for 14 months.

    Hi, hope someone can help me. Just bought an 04 200, with twin 155's. Boat hasnt been started in 14 months. fuel tank was 3/4 full when I got it so I added $40.00 bucks worth of fresh gas. Changed battery . Right side engine started up after a couple tries :thumbsup: , but left side just kept...