1995 xp

  1. PolarCelsius

    95 XP Drive Shaft Failure

    Ski did great previously, however while WOT the ski very suddenly lost all power, engine could rev but all I heard was a gut wrenching rattle/grind, quickly shut that down and swam to shore Engine PTO boot to driveshaft was demolished (not sure why it would fail in this moment?) Driveshaft...
  2. M

    1995 xp 720 tuning

    Any suggestions for carb settings on a 1995 xp with a 720, wsm head (180psi), and aftermarket flame arrestors? Should I be running cooler plugs also? Thanks
  3. M

    95 XP 720 Carburator Tune-up

    Hi, I pulled the motor out of my 95 XP (720) today. I'm changing a piston. What should I do to my carbs while the motor is out? Is there a gasket kit or something worth taking care out right while I have access to the motor? Thanks again for all the helpful advice. Matt:confused:
  4. 9

    1995 XP oil injector problems

    Here it goes, I rode my 95 xp for about 2 hours. I got back and checked the oil level and it didn't move. Seems like the oil injector is not working properly. From what I have looked up, the oil injectors seem to go on the 95 xp's often. What is the next step? Should I just pre-mix into the gas...
  5. P

    1995 seadoo xp parts

    I have a 95 seadoo xp with a bad crank bearing. The ski is located in maine 04076. I will sell the entire thing with everything for $500 as is. Email me at pbeaud12885@gmail.com Otherwise good for some parts if you guys need them. Cylinders are in good shape $200 Head with minor...
  6. T

    A little help here?

    My pop just got three seadoos that were sitting in a friend's back yard. I know one is a 95 XP, but the other to I'm having a hard time with. I'm currently away from home but I'm trying to help my dad out. So, I'm pretty much trying to identify 2 of these crafts: Best of my knowledge it's...
  7. L

    New wear ring!

    whats up everybody? i got my 95 xp running and this thing will fly! i know i need a new wear ring and im going to order a OEM one and im gonna go ahead and get a new prop while im at it. my only question is do i buy a OEM prop or a Solas, and if so what pitch? thanks alot!
  8. Crazyjoey83

    Sticky black dotted handlebar pad fix

    Was looking in old posts about handlebar pad replacement and came across the Sticky handlebar pad cover 95GTX post from about a year ago. Decided it was worth a shot for my 1995 XP I just bought that was sitting outside in a barn for a few years getting caked on with dirt. Basically to make my...