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    How-To: Changing jet pump oil

    don't forget the clothes pin for your nose, that stuff is stanky!
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    Xp 800 to run premix

    SD oil pumps are generally considered very very reliable but if you are determined to go premix you can run a loop using the old lines to the engine case and add a T (like a flush T for radiators, $1 at autozone) You can also use a small reservoir like a brake reservoir from a motorcycle for a...
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    parting out 96 GTX, and 98 GSXL

    th that was 5 years ago, whatever wasn't sold long ago was used for target practice at the outdoor range.
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    Spark on Battery Connect

    these aren't the type that you lick to see if they still have power left in them? I always get 9v and 12v confused.
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    Can I salvage this piston?

    lmao, good thread!
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    '97 GTX Build (Cutting corners, gambling on parts, etc.) Pitchforks and popcorn welcome.

    I felt the same way but my "work" on doo's is/was 90% taking old salt crusted ski's apart, and the carbs were a big problem. I recommend the 980's because like mentioned above you can pop them with a hammer which comes in handy for a screw that has been painted or has some crud on the head...
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    '97 GTX Build (Cutting corners, gambling on parts, etc.) Pitchforks and popcorn welcome.

    Nothing wrong with building this up with swept off the garage floor parts, you won't be the first or the last to do that, and there are lots of success stories and failures. A friend of mine just did that recently with a 787 using assorted parts from me and another buddy that had stuff laying...
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    RESTO Ramps

    IMO this is a great idea for guys like me that can watch the video and cringe. For the rider's, thats a bit scary :) But don't let that stop you!
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    Other Hobbies

    For me this past year I got heavy back into firearms and have taken many trips to the range, it's been educational and entertaining. Also ping pong, bought a table 3 months ago and have been playing a couple nights a week, it's been a blast!
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    Stock vs Solas impeller

    agree with the general responses is that the impeller alone isn't going to give you any noticeable "wow, what a difference" moment. With that said, if you decide to make other adjustments such as with the pipe then you might see a noticeable difference with a combo package. If you plan on...
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    Hump Seats

    there's a guy in bradenton FL that i'm sure can make them, he's done several custom seats and added a hump for my rxtx then made a cover to fit it. we had a brief discussion about doing a custom x4 hump seat a couple of years ago but then I sold my x4 and moved on from the idea. I've seen...
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    Florida Classifieds

    The jet trim seats I mean, the hump seat guy is nuts.
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    Florida Classifieds

    That's my listing :)
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    Florida Classifieds

    We cant post links anymore?
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    Need new grips

    I was always a fan of ODI Rogue or Ruffian grips myself. I put Rogues on every 2 stroke I owned, but a couple friends had Ruffian and were pleased with them as well.