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    Moving to buy, sell, trade, Seadoo related.
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    dual battery question

    It would probably be best to start your own thread. We're talking tow different animals here, 2-stroke vs 4-tech. Post in the 4-tec boat section. Lou
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    Battery Terminal Repair

    I thought on this type battery with the floating nuts the bolt goes in front to back and not from the top. Lou
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    Is there really any chance ????

    It should work, I don't recall any particular problem. If you own a ski you'll need to get use to working in small spaces. I'm kinda surprised you can still get the part. Lou
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    New jet pump and lost power....... HOW???

    I could be wrong but on a 95GTX the pump is mounted directly to the hull, there is no shoe. The pump is aligned with shims (washers). Mute point since the alignment has been checked. Lou
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    1995 GTX Rear Step

    I may have one, NIB, I'll check tonight and get back to you. If I do you can have it for $25.00 plus shipping. Lou
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    New jet pump and lost power....... HOW???

    I would check two things. First since it's a new pump you will need to align the pump to the motor, you will need an alignment tool. Coastiejoe has one that he rents at cost. I would also check the carbon seal. Lou
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    Seadoo newbie question, not sure where to post?

    Hi and welcome to the Seadoo forum. I'm not sure what marine gas is, at our lake here the gas they sell at most marina's is 90 octane ethanol free. Since my boat stays at the lake this is what I use. If you trailer your ski what you are using is at least equal or maybe even better than the...
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    1998 speedster no left steering

    Hi, and welcome to the Seadoo forum. I wouldn't plan on participating in any NASCAR events until you get this fixed. Sorry for not keeping on the subject, but I couldn't resist. Lou
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    96' bombardier rectifier issue

    Front E box. Lou
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    New Swedish member

    Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to the Seadoo forum. Lou
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    Seadoo newbie

    Where exactly is the propulsion system leaking? You could, among other things need a new carbon seal. Lou
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    97 sea doo XP

    Sounds like needles and seats in the carbs. When you try to start the second time does the motor turn over? Lou
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    1996 GTX limp mode?!

    The first thing I would check is the rectifier/voltage regulator. Disconnect the red lead and see if the problem goes away. When you disconnect the red lead your ski won't charge the battery, so if this fixes the problem you need a new rectifier, and I would highly recommend an OEM. BTW your...
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    Help Troubleshooting Fuel Baffle/ Gauge on 1995 GTX

    I agree, it's working as well as it's going to work. Fuel gauges on marine vessels, PWC's in particular are very inaccurate. Lou