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    1999 Sea-Doo speedster twin 787cc mpem

    i will give you $50 for it
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    hose routing help needed

    Had engine out, forget what hoses go where. one is on right side of block (see pic),is this a vent line? the other is below carbs. see pic. 2000 sportster le, 951
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    SeaDoo Won't Start- Whirring Noise

    I ma doing that job now on a sportster, had to pull engine. only took couple hours to pull, you need a gear puller to remove flywheel.
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    starter just spins

    Just got bendix out, it is seized solid.
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    starter just spins

    Had 12.5 volts, starter bearing was seized (lots of rusty water came out), removed engine, good thing stator hub is on wrong small tab is lined up to flywheel hole. have to go get puller to remove flywheel.
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    2001 challenger 2 beeps nothing after that

    check the wire voltage at start button
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    2001 challenger 2 beeps nothing after that

    I had same problem on a 99 challenger, check voltage at start button, i had a bad wire had no voltage, put in jumper wire from start button to mpem and it started right up.
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    starter just spins

    Just picked up a 2000 sportster with a 951 that needed a starter, removed starter and it was seized solid, put in new starter and it just spins, removed and checked bendix, it goes it an and out but it will spin both directions, does it need replacing and can it be done without removing engine?
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    1999 Challenger starter.

    62 people viewed it, and no one had any idea.
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    1999 Challenger starter.

    nobody has any insight
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    Seadoo mechanic

    Can you give some voltage spec over PM i am willing to pay.
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    1999 Challenger starter.

    Did some checks, port side start switch has 11.6 volts, Star board has .36 volts, is this a ground issue or MPEM, with dess out and push start buttons neither tach moves.
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    1999 Challenger starter.

    I have a 1999 challenger 1800, bought it with one engine not starting, no click nothing, if you cross the solenoid it will turn over so i ordered a solenoid and still wont turn over when i push start button, is there a fuse anywhere or could it be the push button.
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    98 speedster gauges

    Fuel gauge and tach's don't work, where is the pick up for tachs? I unplugged fuel sender and jumped pins on boat side and gauge did nothing, is gauge faulty?
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    How accurate do you think these speedo"s really are, i just bought a 98 speedster and on test run it was just over 60. It is a twin 800.