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Read a lot of the very interesting threads on winterizing involving fogging the engine, disconnecting liens and so on.
Any chance one of you has a step by step with pics or even better a video on how to winterize a 250 Optimax for my Utopia ....
Thank you in advance,
Nice boat...

Nice boat, just got the manuals on the 250 DI optimax. They aren't in the library yet.....

This topic has already been covered for the newest of the Merc engines, the 250 DI Optimax. You can can read all about it by clicking here. Make sure you find Rookie101's post. He's the moderator on the M-2 engines, his post covers everything you need to know.:cheers:
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Thanks and ...

Hi, thank you for the links.
On the other hand, how to "fog the engine" or "spray fogging oil down the throttle body " is not self explanatory to me .... sorry.
Truth is I have moved to France (taking my boat with me) and here I am looking at $300 of winterizing and somewhere close to that to "dewinterize it' in the springs .... Crazy ! I got the fuel stabilizer and Mercury Quickleen from US and want to take a shot at winterizing it myself this year. Because of the move the boat ran maybe a total of 2 hours this summer so I was not going to change the stator or gear case oil, just want to make sure freezing winter will not damage the engine.... I will take any help you provide :)
Price gouging!...

I understand the price gouging........that's one of the reasons we're here.

The fogging spray is what your going to use to coat the internal components with a film to keep moisture from building, then starting the rust and pitting cycle.

I'm not really familar with the air induction system of the M-2 but I think Rookie101 said there was a plug on your air box somewhere for injecting fogging spray. You do this with the engine running. Then, when you shut down, most usually take out the plugs and spray a dab into each cylinder.

That link above, follow it back to that thread. Look for Rookie101's post, then with your mouse, move over his name and click. You'll get a choice to read his profile, other posts or send him a PM. Click on PM and send him a note asking for his assistance. I'm sure he'll help you out. I think the 250 DI is one of his favs..........:cheers:
The throttle body is at the front of the engine, near the top. Remove the plastic covers to gain access to it. Just like my post in the other thread mentions, spray the fogging oil down the throttle plate for 30 seconds to a minuet, or until the engine starts to smoke bad. You don't have to worry about the water in the engine (as long as it's not salt), the Mercury is a total loss cooling system meaning all, or most of the water self drains as soon as you pull the boat from the water. If you're still worried about it you can pour a little RV antifreeze (the pink environmentally friendly stuff) down the hose that runs between the cylinder heads.

I'm not sure what they would be doing to "dewinterize" the engine?????? All I do is reinstall the battery, hook up the garden hose and run it until it stops smoking. This might take ten minuets, so I'm not sure where they get three hundred dollars for that. :ack:

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