VTS retrofit to GTX Di 2002

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Hi guys, do any of you know if it’s a possibility to add VTS to a ski that doesn’t have it? Is there a kit or anything available to do so, if so has anyone done it and could point me in the right direction.

I’min the process of ordering a 2020 Trixx and feel like my GTX would be great fun with some added trim

My experience is with adding a VTS to an 04 GTI LE RFI (while swapping it to a 951) might be some small differences but here's what I know
Adding the wiring and changing the button holder is no big deal.
I used an RX nozzle setup to have both trim and reverse. Even then, I had to drill and tap the nozzle for the opas.
There is no actual mount blocking for the VTS bracket so you have to bend a bracket and mount the screws careful to not drill a hole straight through the pump tunnel
You're going to have the added bonus of the black box being right in the way. I was fortunate to be able to use an RX black box and it mounted like factory.. but I'm not sure what you'll have to do for that ski.
When trim is full nose down and turning left full, the OPAS just barely fouls against the speedo sensor.. but it occurs to me you wont have that problem as I'm typing this out.
With the big long hull of a GTX the trim isn't going to do much for you and probably not worth the trouble.
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