2002 GTX RFI

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So i bought a couple skis they have been sitting for about 2 years, one is a 2002 seadoo GTX DI the other is a seadoo GTX RFI. I started working on the RFI today, put a new battery in it, hook the key up and it beeps twice, hit start and it turns over great but wont fire. Checked spark and I have good blue spark, only thing ive really noticed is im not hearing the fuel pump kick on at all. All fuses are good, theres one connector with i believe 4 or 5 wires that hooks to the top part of the pump does anyone know what wires should have what voltage? Im guessing the pump crapped out but want to check the electric side of it to make sure its not a computer issue or something along those lines before i just throw parts at it.Screenshot_20240227_215113_Facebook.jpg
Try putting 12 volts to the fuel pump and see if it kicks on sitting for years it most likely the fuel pump