Tuning a Oil Injector - 1992 Seadoo SP

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Hello all! I'm working on another project, a 1992 Seadoo SP. It runs pretty good, but not as good as I would like. I took it out to the lake yesterday and it bogs slightly when giving it a bit of throttle from a stop. I'm pretty sure it is the oil injector though because on the oil injector for this engine there are no alignment marks on the throttle thing. So i'm not sure if I missed something but from what I saw the alignment marks are suppose to look like this. If anything I can see if I can replace the throttle thingy to one that does have the mark on it. Also this is the farthest I could adjust the cable to align the silver parts.
1587149780303.png 1587149896603.png
Looks pretty close.
Also the oil will not cause it to bog, that's a fuel/carb issue.
You’ve got the mark on there, it’s just hard to see with the paint flaking. It looks like it’s adjusted a little too far out right now, but it’s not terribly far off...
That seems really far off the from the other injector spot. I don't know why they are both the same engine. I also can't move the thing that far that way. I can only move it the other way, since I adjusted it all the way.
Well let’s get another set of eyes on it, but that looks like the etched mark on your lever to me... Maybe I’m wrong though, it’s pretty faint.
Okay comparison. The top one is the one that was one the ski, and the bottom one is the (donor) one I stole from a motor just like that other one. So the only major difference I see here is that bump on the top of the one from the ski. Both item # are the same on both. 1050-1. So my best guess is that these are compatible. If that is true then I'll just swap out the old one since I can clearly see the marking on the donor one.image1.jpeg
Aha. I should have done this before hand, but turns out they both have the marks in the same spot. I picked of the paint to find out it is there. I'm not sure how the factory or person when they put the ski together they knew where to align it. I'm guessing they just assumed it would line up.image0.jpeg
Okay.. All fixed up. Thanks for the input. But one final question. I have a West-coast Performance water-box. I was wondering if I put that on how it would affect tuning it. I still need to tune it anyway, but I was wondering if it makes it leaner or richer.
I’m not sure on the water box. I’m sure @Matt Braley has some insight on that one. I don’t think there’s much of a performance benefit to running that box without the tuned pipe that goes with it. It will just make more noise.
Yeah they have a good tone and a little better flow but like they said it won't improve performance much on it's own. You won't hurt anything by using it. The strap loop on the bottom breaks off on a lot of them so if it's missing you'll want to support it underneath with something that won't rust.
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