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I have a 2004 3D rfi that's not starting. Here's the recent history....

- Riding two weeks ago, rolled it, rolled it back properly, rode more that day.
- Started it that night to clean, pulled plugs, cranked, hit with wd-40, cranked, no water, no problems.
- I started a day or two later just because - started no problems.
- While airing it out, a rain storm rolled in and rained into the open engine compartment (roughly 10 days ago).
- This past Sunday, i pulled the battery to top it off (took less than an hour to charge up) and started opening the electrical wire connectors to clean them and make sure they were dry.
- I left the connectors open overnight and the next afternoon, I closed up the connectors, spread some dielectric grease around the connectors and installed the battery.
- When i installed the lanyard, i get the 2 beeps, all indicators and gauges light up, but nothing happens when i press start. Nothing. Only noise is the pump starting (I think its the pump I hear).
- I checked the main fuse and the fuses in the ecu - all good.
- I jumped the starter relay and machine turns over, but doesn't start.
- I pulled plugs, cranked it, no water, pistons seem to be moving.
- I installed new plugs (iridium), opened and wiped all the electrical connectors, hit the start button - nothing. Again.
- Installed a new starter relay, hit the start button, again, nothing.
Q - Is it possible or even likely the ecu is damaged?
Q - Or the ignition coil or solenoid assembly?
Q - Would rain typically cause this type of issue or is this more likely just bad luck ( a part wearing out at the same time im doing maintenance)?
Q - Or is it likely something going on with the plugs i disconnected and reconnected?
Q - Is there something else I should be checking?

Thanks for reading and hopefully being able to respond.

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