Small white ball found in hull

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My Sea Doo will start on the trailer but not in the water. When looking under the seats, I found this small white ball, larger than an marble, smaller than a ping pong ball loose in the hull of my 2002 Sea Doo GTX DI. Does anyone know what this is? Is this part of a float or sensor that is causing it not to start in the water? Thank you!
That is from your drain plug check valves. It prevents water flooding the hull if you forget to put the drain plugs in.
It has nothing to do with how the ski runs.
My 2000 GTX DI definitely does not have those. Can they be added easily to older models? Sounds like a nice feature.
I don't know if they are a direct fit or if you have to drill the hole out larger, never tried.
You will need to drill out the hole in your hull slightly bigger to make these fit. They are inexpensive. With one style you can eliminate your siphon bailers and route the tubing direct to drain plug. I first noticed these in 2002. The more recent one on right already has an integrated rubber gasket. Does not need to be glued in.

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