Ski Rope sucked into Water inlet & around Impeller Shaft-Help!

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I got a Ski Rope sucked into the Water Intake and it wrapped around the BLUE Impeller shaft cover damaging (cracking) the cover and about 2 inches of the BLUE shaft cover is gone. There is still about 6 inches of the cover left but the impeller shaft is partially exposed. I assume the shaft turns inside the cover and is protected from weeds, etc winding around the impeller shaft. IS IT ESSENTIAL THAT THIS BE REPAIRED OR CAN I JUST BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET INTO WEEDED AREAS?? HOW $$ WOULD THIS REPAIR BE? Can the Impeller be removed and a new shaft cover installed over the impeller shaft then back on with the impeller?

Additionally, 2 of the bolts I tried to remove on the Water Inlet GRATE were Loc tite'd on and they sheared off. The other 2 came out fine. It appears from the service manual that those 2 bolts go through the hull and are sealed with loc tite and silicone and have a nut on the inside of the engine compartment somewhere?? I could not see where they are. If I could find them maybe I could remove the nut and work the bolt out or drill it out and insert a new nut and bolt through the 2 holes (sealing them of course since they go through the hull. Does anyone know where the 2 bolts come through?

Why risk it.

I would certainly have it checked out before you take it on a serious ride. Anytime I've heard of a rope or stick or whatever run through your intake grate and get's stuck even without visible damage, I would take it in for a look over just in case. Aluminum scores easily and plastic breaks all together, better safe than sorry.
The bolts don't go though the hull, so you will have to drill, and retap the holes.

The blue driveshaft cover... just cut it off flush with the hull, and throw the rest away. It will perform better without it.
Carry a spring-retracting utility knife with you and take an extra blade with wax because they rust fast once underwater - be sure to buy the poly rope that floats alone without using fenders for support.
Fixed - Thanks

Thanks for the help...! I cut the remainer of the rope off the impeller shaft and removed the blue hard plastic impeller cover. It was tough to get to because the boat is on the trailer and a cross member got in the way! I removed it and assume it won't be a problem as it is probably there to protect the shaft from garbage in the water. The boat runs fine now.

The two bolts I sheared off of the metel Impeller Grate I made a fix I hope works for the long haul. I secured the one side with the 2 bolts left which holds the grate very tight. The other side....I cleaned and sanded the grate where the sheared bolts are and bought the best Silicone adhesive and applied it before tightening the two remaining bolts. I supported the grate with 2 wood sticks until the silicone dried. On checking, the fix is very solid and should hold well. The alternative was to try and extract the remaining bolts or tap in a new one. With the boat on the trailer and fighting a crossmember getting in the way, I went with this fix. If the grate would have in any way not been solid, I would have tried to extract the bolts....
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