Ski module is dangerous

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Recently, I has a ski module installed on my 2011 Limited GTX. The feature seemed really cool for my girlfriend to tow me on a wakeboard. However, our first try with it resulted in serious injury. Hopefully, someone has experience with the ski module and can offer some helpful insight and thoughts on using the ski module.

I was wakeboarding and my driver was using the ski module controls. She thought she had activated the ski module and completely pulled in on the throttle to pull me out of the water. For some reason, the ski module wasn't actually activated and the full throttle had us accelerating at full speed within seconds. I was probably going 30 to 40 mph before I could let go. I busted my eardrum and suffered a near concussion.

I believe the ski module is complicated to set and Seadoo should have better signals before allowing full throttle. This is a major safety disaster. The owner's guide has 3 pages of step by step instructions and apparently you have to follow them perfectly or else you are in danger of our mistake. Easier said than done!

I'm not sure what caused us to not be in activated mode, but it very well could have been that we had shut the engine and returned to cruise mode before pulling me. Ski mode won't activate in cruise mode. I have complained in other situations that I wish the Limited GTX did not default to cruise mode. This is just another reason for that argument.

We will be going back to scrupulously practice the procedures for successfully using ski mode (after my ear heals).

Does anyone have any suggestions for safety tips to prevent this very dangerous situation from happening? If so, please comment.

We attempted to reactivate ski mode after shutting off the engine, but it will not activate in cruise mode. This creates another step of putting the seadoo in sport mode before activating ski mode. Another step that creates additional complexity.
Yes, we like to shut the engine many times when towing a rider because we don't to suck up the rope.

An idea I saw was to get a pool noodle piece on the rope close to where it attaches at the back.
Helps keep it above water and easy to see.
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