Servicing Questions on a seadoo speedster 787 twin engine jet boat

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Question 1- Buzzer, can this be tested by placing a positive and negative wire from the battery to see if this sounds.

Question 2- This unit under the boat on the underside of the hull what is this, here is another photo showing from the inside under the floor, see photos attached,

Question 3- Was replacing the pipes on the exhaust and the brass fitting looks to be blocked, should this be fully open, see photo attached.

Question 4- Hawk eye, could you please tell me what this is actually used for.


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1. Yes it can be tested that way but it doesn't always mean it works. The computer sends such a small short pulse to the beeper it can test good when connected to a battery and still not activate when the computer sends the signal.

2. Don't know what it is.

3. No, that is not stock. You are missing the water regulator completely and someone put in that fitting instead. You could keep it if it has been working and yes it should be restricted like in your picture.
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