Seadoo speedster 787 jet boat twin engines 2 stroke

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Wanting to work on the boat today, answering these questions would be a great help, thanks

Have some more questions,

1- fuel filters are they ok mounted on a angle, ? see photo attached.

2-A Oil 3/32 small oil lines (Running from the oil pump to the manifold under the carburettor. question here is once removed do i fit a stainless hose clamp which is my preference or is it recommended to use a Cable tie.

2-B Fitting the new oil pipes 3/32 to the pump this looks to be very tight as the pumps are at the back side of the engine, any advice. ?

3- I have taken a photo of the oil pump and this is looking rusty a little, what is your advice, ? see photos attached.

4-what is this plug for, ? see photo attached.

5-In relation to bleeding and priming the petrol and oil system how do I get air into petrol tank. ?

6- oil bleeding I understand this is very critical and must be carried out correctly is there any further advice you could provide me to watch out for a was thinking about adding some oil to my petrol Temporary, just in case.

7- What typically is the hawk I gauge used for, see photo attached

8- how many buzzer's are on this boat.

9-is it recommended to remove the oil pumps for cleaning ?
It would be appreciated if these questions could be answered as soon as you are able to


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