SeaDoo GTI or GTX 170?

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Gonna buy two new Sea Doo. Will use it mostly for touring. At present I have two Spark 90 hp and the power is enough to us but would like a bit more storage and rough sea handling. Have tried older bigger PWC and is not so happy with the feeling of driving a boat. Looking at the GTI and GTX 170 I know that both the power and the storage is more than enough. Wonder more about other things, especially the hull.

After what I found it the GTI is more playful and the GTX is better in rough sea, is that right?

Any other opinions on which we should buy?
Correct on the difference in handling as the GTX has the ST3 hull. It's a deeper V and cuts through chop better.

Other differences:

Storage capacity:
GTI - 42.5 gallons
GTX - 26.1 gallons
GTX has "direct access" storage. More convenient, but way less capacity.

Fuel capacity:
GTI - 15.9 gallons
GTX - 18.5 gallons

Hull material:
GTI - Gen2 polytech
GTX - Fiberglass

GTI - 4.5"
GTX - 7.6"

GTX is longer and has tilt steering
I have not ridden the new GTI hull, but have ridden a 2019 RXTX with the ST3 hull. It does cut through the chop better, but when you turn it, you better hold on. It IS going to turn no matter what speed you're going. Where as the GTI would slide a bit before the sponsons grab hold.

I feel upon this forum - I have the exact question as I'm looking at the GTI 170 or the GTX 170. Has anyone yet tried the GTI with the new polytech hull? All I read says the GTX would be better in chop, but unsure for the price difference of $1400 if it that noticeable.
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