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Have had issues with the ski bogging down and the low oil light coming on. Began reading on here and found out that Sea Foam is a No Go after my son decided to put some in without asking. Any ideas on how to remedy this and protect the engine?
i would clean and rebuild your fuel system and drop 20 mls of the proper rated 2 stroke oil down the cylinders.
Ok, I wouldn't use it, you gotta rebuild the carbs plain and simple. It's not gonna kill your engine. I see this ALL the time on here, go to the sea foam website, look at the information. It specifically says you can use it in a 2 cycle engine...... It's right on the can. Again, I WOULD NOT USE IT, but if it's mixed in with your gas I would just run it thru, or if you want just drain the gas run it thru your lawn mower and your good to go. Hopefully the pic is large enough to read. Anyone can flame me for this if they like, I have broad shoulders and thick skin. But just remember, I said I WOULDN'T USE IT. Flame away. Just remember, there is no magic or mechanic in a can.
Agreed @racerxxx. The biggest thing to take away from the "No Seafoam" is that there is nothing in a can that is going to solve the fuel issues that these skis have, period!

As a secondary issue, as far as it being bad for a 2-stroke it is better to play it safe and stay away from it since it is a solvent. It is designed to clean jets, carbs and deposits so it has detergents and cleaners that can remove the 2-stroke oil film that it critical to a 2-stroke engine and the 2-stroke oils are designed to work and mix with gasoline not a solvent like Seafoam. So is it going to seize your engine? No. Is it good for your engine? No.

On a 4-stroke engine I would say go for Seafoam but it could dry out and harm rubber seals in the fuel system. In my opinion it is much safer on a 4-stroke or 2-stroke to start with a clean fuel system and use a fuel stabilizer like StaBil instead of trying a fix in a can like SeaFoam.
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