Rxp215 lcd display/gauges dead

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Hi, new to this forum. Ive done some searching but couldn't find any info. I own a 2005 rxp. Last season i noticed some condensation on the inside of the gauge cluster. I just put the ski in the water today for the season and the lcd is completely dead. It flickered on once when i started it out of the water but nothing since that. I have power at the plug going into the gauges (tested the purple and black wire). Is there a way to test/fix the cluster? The speedometer and tachometer don't work either. I'd love to try and fix this before forking over a few hundred on a new part.
well im going to attempt to cut this thing open and see if there is anything else i can troubleshoot further. If I have to get a new one, does the 2005 have to be married to the ecu?
Anyone know if anyone makes a aftermarket speedometer that will fit a 96 seadoo xp?


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