RXP-X 300 Bluetooth

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Just bought a new 2020 RXP 300.

I can't see why the BRP Bluetooth Speakers for the RXT-300 could not be somehow fitted to the RXP with a little mod or screwing into the haul.

Has anyone tried this?

I did notice that there is air vents on the RXP where the speakers would mount.

On an RXT (without the speaker option) I noticed those same vents appear to be there but are more or less fake vents.

Being that both models use the same engine I can't see how the RXP couldn't live without those vents.

Looking forward to some feedback!
I thought that the stereo was an option on 2020 Rxp x 300 . I thought it was similar to the Spark Trixx stereo where you can remove it
I have the speaker for the Trixx but at the boat show I asked several dealers if they could mount that same front bracket on the RXP and they didn't want to do it.

Something about if it flys off and hits you in the head it would not be good.

They talked about doing the Link Q system (or whatever it's called on the back) and than mounting the BRP portable speaker base to the top of a cooler.

As of right now if I don't find a better option I might just try and strap my JBL Boombox to the tail somehow.

Hopefully I hear some more ideas on here.

I searched like crazy all over youtube and the web and apparently outside of several custom jobs that are way more involved than I'm looking for, I couldn't find anything.

A little bird told me there will be a new RXP next year with Speaker options, haul design.

So I guess I will be trading in next year!
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