"Right Keypad Error" message.

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2011 GTS 130, has "Right Keypad Error" message. I have removed the cluster, and checked continuity of the switch, at the connector, and it's good. Any idea what it will take to repair this.
A new right keypad. It's not just a switch. It has a pcb with components. The ones from 09-11 aren't great and tend to fail with time. A new one will plug and play with no active fault codes.
No, it's not a circuit board. It's a single switch, just like the start button This a GTS, and all it does is change from touring to sport mode. And it HAS continuity at the cluster connector.
Well, it thinks there is a keypad so I would confirm in BUDS that it has the correct model in the ECU along with the proper settings for the GTS. I've seen this error a bunch of times but never on a GTS and a new keypad has always fixed it.

Does it run fine? Normally, this error will put it in limp mode.
Runs perfect, just will not change from Touring to Sport mode. That's all that keypad does on a GTS.


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How long has it done it? Do you get the B2220 code? It's not a keypad, it's just a switch so I think it is looking for the keypad which would be for a different model so not sure why it thinks it has a keypad. I think it's an ECU error and you'll need to BUDS or similar software to address.
Well, looks like it has the wrong cluster/display. Pulled and check the part number and it is for a 2015 GTI 130. Crap! Anyone want to trade an'11 GTS cluster for my '15 GTI cluster?
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