Rave Valve Leaking

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One of my rave valves, both just replaced brand new, leaks the premix after running for a short period out of the cap. Is this a sign of something bad to come? Because the ski still runs, great. But I am concerned if i continue to run it like this it will lead to some major problems. What would cause this issue? Any idea on how to fix it? I have all new parts, and nothing looks broken or cracked. Im gonna add in a picture to this post of the issue once I get home and can take one. Thanks for any, and all help! Keep me from disaster!
Mine have been leaking since forever. Makes a bit of a mess but I just drive it. Ive cleaned, inspected, bla bla bla the rave parts, and it will stay good for about 2 hours, then leaking again..

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The Picture of the Problem

Thanks for the comment! As long as its not going to cause a problem, like the rave valve breaking off into the cylinder - which I had happen once, from what I dont know, and it caused me to buy a new sleeve, bore it out, new piston and new rings, and of course new rave valve set up - EXPENSIVE. As long as it just leaks and I have to clean it up I guess I wont worry about it. Nothing looks cracked, all is screwed on tight - go figure?!?!?!?!?


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if cap was installed correctly, it may not leak....;)

Take it apart, clean it up, and install new gasket.
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