Questions on my 94 XP

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I just bought a 94 XP from a guy that eliminated the oil/gas mix, and has it set up to physically mix the oil and gas. I have heard that this is a good idea due to the fact of the oil pump going out and not letting the correct amount of oil into the carbs. My question is why do I have a oil/gas puddle in the bottom of the bike after running it? I have noticed a line coming from the bottom of the engine to the bottom of the carb broke in half. It runs perfectly fine, and I am wondering if these lines were disconnected because of the elimination of the mixer?? The line I am talking about is tiny, it is probably a 1/4" line....confused?? I am willing to send over pics if anyone can help. Thanks!!
the 1/4in lines you see, are the injection tube lines, from the oil pump to the intake manifold. Its ok if those are cut, but make sure the ends at the manifold, have some type of "cap" on the fittings that the 1/4in line, connect to. If not, the manifold will pull air, causing a lean condition.

Also make sure, your motor/resivoir tank, have the feeding lines, to and from the motor, back to the top of the oil tank. These lines feed the RV cavity. ITS A MUST, you have oil in those lines/bottle, to keep the cavity/RV assy. lubed.

All the correct lines are still hooked up, and eerything for the RV cavity is being fed. I have noticed that the bike is running a little lean, it is blowing a good amount of white smoke. I know it is running fine though. I will cap those lines off, and I bet that is where I am finding the oil dripping from. Thanks alot for the help!
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