Pulls to one side

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Hi I have 2 seedoos 4 tecs " when on one it seems good when steering " but on the outher one it pulls to one side a bit " it is no big deal but what woul it take to fix something like that . Cheers in advances:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Check it while on the trailer or hoist. Make sure the steering handlebar and the jet pump outlet are straight and aligned with each other.
There is the steering cable that can be adjusted, I believe.
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Is it pulling or does it turn when you have the handle bar in the correct center location?
If it is turning, then you should be able to adjust the issue via the steering cable. I have one that needed adjustment but did not have enough threads remaining on it. I used a die (as in tap and die) to make more threads as there was plenty of rod left to do so. Put it back together, problem solved.

If it is dragging, then there is another issue. Such as a broken part in the rear or something to that fact.
Yeah, what they said.

Try adjusting first at the rear where it attaches to the nozzle. It is the easiest. If you don't have enough room to correct it back there, then you will have to adjust it where the linkage attaches to the steering column.
does it "pull" to the left when running wfo, while idling along or both?
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not to sure about that , its away for the winter now so i wont be able to check until spring time !

so were would i find the rod to adjust !
See?...There's the catch....

If you can idle along with the bars straight and the ski straight....I doub't it's the steering linkage.

If you can idle along but the bars are a little to the right but the ski tracks straight ahead.....prolly the linkage...located on right side of my pump....also along side the steering 'column' inside the ski.

If you can run wfo and track straight but the handle bars are to the right....check the linkage.

If at wfo your bars are straight but the ski is pulling to port....and it wasn't doing so at idle speeds...I'd say your port side opas paddle was hanging...not working and the water line feeding that side is clogged.

Easiest way is to check is to put it in the water and run it....look back on both sides at speed....if one is hanging down...you'll see the difference in the spray.

I've blocked both of my paddles up. I had one of mine drop in rough water...ski landed after a jump...took a hard left and tossed me off without warning...not fun.
Thanks for the reply will check it out. Does it effect the proformence taking the off and how do you go about it.
Removing them all together will net you a bit on top...less drag...but your slow speed manuvering will suffer. Like an older ski w/o opas.

Opas block offs will cost you anywhere from $20-$100.

I blocked mine in the up position...using a split 2" length of 3/4" pvc snapped around the piston...less than $5.

They sell a block off from....R&D I think...can't remember...they ain't cheap...$300 or so...they replace the paddles and fill in the body line..adding extra side hull length...more speed up top when you don't have the hull porpoising around the 71mph range.
Cheers , I will try the fix if it is not to hard to do , I get about 64 mph out of it just now , I'm a neewbe to seedooing so speed will be next !
Hello: I would bet that one of your OPAS ( Off Powered Assist Steering) fins on the rear of your machine is not retracting upward when driving. It feels like your pulling an anchor on one side.

The fix can be a few things. First, look from the back at your pump you will see a hose coming from the top of your pump going to a plastic piece on the hull. The first thing to do is remove the back part of your pump and see if the fitting where the hose goes to is plug with debris. It has a screen on the pump venturi side. If that is plugged then clean it or replace that fitting also check that hose going to the separator to see if it is plugged.If it is ok then it could be the separator which is where the other side of the hose goes to.

A quick test is to wrap a tie strap to each side of each fin. Put the strap on the shiny slide next to the black middle cylinder. When you drive your machine at certain RPMs the OPAS vanes should go up. The tie strap will tell you which OPAS fin is working and which is not. A quick understanding is to grab both OPAS fins and pull up on them. The tie strap will go up with the fins. Both tie straps should go up with the fins when working properly. You may have to remove the machine from the water for proper inspection. My guess is the screen found on the venturi is probably plugged not letting water to the separator to operate the find correctly.

I hope this does not confuse you... Let me know on your diagnoses...

Gary...I have a 2011 GTI Limited and had the same problem. It seemed to pull left and just didnt feel right. I finally got sick of worrying about it and took it in to the dealer. He adjusted the steering...not a technical guy so I can't tell you exactly what he did, but did say he had to align the steering. He said it can happen right out of factory...mine does great now so it is probably an easy fix. Mine was covered under warranty...good luck
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