Oil system status advice Speedster 150

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Hello Seadoo friends.

Please someone with good experience on engines. I've checked forward and rear oil pump status in connection with complete winter refreshing of my Speedster 150 2011.

Found both oil pumps to be worn/slightly damaged. Don't know history of the boat (bought last summer). But my guess is compressor failure at some point, causing dents and scratches from the damaged collars. Strange though because it's less than 70hrs on the engine..

There is no signs of remains/particles in engine or oil. No other visible damages at all.

Can I run these pumps again, any experience anyone? There has been no signs of bad oil pressure and pumps runs smooth when rotating.

I have waiting time and $$$ to replace. Already put a fortune into the boat. Also lost my job due this bloody virus...

But still, I don't want to blow my engine in middle of the summer.

Any advice or experience is welcome.20200324_152842.jpg


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That scoring is normal for a 70 hour motor. The scoring comes from small metal fragments from the flywheel every time you start it. I've seen them 10 times worse and they still worked fine. Why did you take apart in the first place?
Thank you very much for giving inputs!!

In that case I will continue to run the engine as is. (With a better feeling after 2nd opinion)

The reason that I noticed the scoring was that I removed the PTO cover. It was all oxidized and paint flaking off. I blasted the cover and powder coated it. I checked the pump as cover anyway was off. When I saw the scoring I decided to check forward pump as well.

I've added a second battery and refreshed the whole engine compartment. More or less rebuilt the whole boat. I'm that kind of guy that can't let go of my toys.


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Looks good, nice work. Your boat never had ceramic washers in the supercharger so no need to worry about that but you probably should rebuild your supercharger while you have it all apart. SeaDoo recommends every 100 hours or 2 years which you don't have to do it every 2 years in my opinion but guessing yours has never been done. They used plastic bearing spacers which get brittle over time and can lead to bearing failure. You seem like the type who will want to keep it in tip top shape and keep up with maintenance.

You can send it in to this site and they will professionally rebuild it with OEM parts for a reasonable price.
I'm amazed that that oil pump scoring is considered normal for such a low hour boat. Can't imagine what ours looks like at 235-ish hours on each motor.
I'm amazed that that oil pump scoring is considered normal for such a low hour boat. Can't imagine what ours looks like at 235-ish hours on each motor.
I agree with you. Didn't expect to find things kind this on a low hour boat.. But inputs from nice people having seen this on other engines calms me down. Let's keep an eye on that oil pressure indicator...
As I have you on the hook.

Can you perhaps tell me what to use on the threads when mounting the impeller? It says anti-seize in the manual. But when talking with a dealer he said they just user loctites thread lock, blue or red. Like the first thing they find they use...

Loctites anti seize is hard to get in Sweden. Other workshops use different. Thereby some confusion..

I want to make sure the impeller can be removed again. But mostly I want it not to come loose. It's 255hp so I guess it needs to sit tight.. Will tension with my moment wrench key ofcourse..

Thanks for any advice!
SeaDoo recommends anti-seize. It won't come loose, the direction of the motor will only tighten it. I wouldn't use loctite red if you want to get it off easily. Blue would probably be better than nothing at all since nothing might allow it to sieze especially in saltwater.
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