No Pressure when Removing Gas Cap

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As stated in the title,

my 96 XP doesn't have the small push of pressure that is supposed to be behind the cap when i take it off to fill up -

My understanding is that the tank operates under a small amount of pressure, and has a 1.5 PSI check valve that holds this pressure in.

I can blow into the inlet line at the hood grommet and pressurize the tank, then the cap pops off with pressure behind it. However, after riding I do not have this pressure built up in the tank.

Is this a leaky needle/seat causing this condition? As of recently I have had to open the throttle up when cranking the ski and it will crank for about 5 seconds then fire up.
In my experience, the pressure relief valve keeps the pressure too low for you to notice anything upon opening the gas cap. If you have a hiss when opening the gas cap, it is usually indicative of one of your vents not working.
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