SeaDoo XP-DI Rough Idle


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Earlier this year I found water got into my gas tank somehow and caused the fuel system to bung up.

I just recently replaced the whole system: I emptied & cleaned the fuel tank and fuel rail, added fresh new high octane gas, added brand new fuel filters, new fuel pump, new fuel injectors, new spark plugs. I’ve got good fuel pressure (measured) and the battery is full charged, however it still pops & backfires.

I just replaced the air pressure regulator and fuel pressure (the only thing not replaced) to make sure they are good. When I took off old air pressure regulator there was a little ounce of rusty water sitting in the fuel rail below where the air pressure regulator sits, which I cleaned up. I've got good compression too (measured).

I’m not sure if the system has to be bled again or what the issue is. I'm so sick of this thing, I have rebuilt it 3 times and just want to figure it out and sell it. In the video you can hear it run for a bit then pop & backfire then die, I did not shut it off any of the times it dies. I’m stuck right now on what to do.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.