New To Me 2020 Fish Pro - Questions


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As the title says, I acquired a used 2020 seadoo fish pro. I know boats very well but this my first PWC. I have a couple general questions about PWC engines, maintenance, and about the Fish Pro.

In the operator guide it mentions that water may enter the bilge during tight turns or running in rough water through the air inlets (schematics would be helpful). Where are the air inlets located? How does water not get pulled into the engine? How does it then end up in the bilge? I ran the first sea trial a few days ago in rough windy conditions and was doing some tight turns. When the boat was still on the ramp at a steep angle I pulled the plugs and some water streamed out for maybe 3 solid seconds.

It there a setting to see engine temp? Or only an alarm/display indicator if exceeded?

The dealer changed oil/filter, plugs, and impeller. I am planning to check anodes tonight. The carbon seal looks good but not sure how determine the state of the seal. Coolant level is good. Any other items I should inspect further? Will also check the gate for excessive play, which would be how much movement?

I ordered a new LH module as the speed limiter button was ineffective in engaging. Could that be software or most likely a mechanical issue with the button?

Finally, the cooler lid is warped. I am planning to pull the lid and set some dumbells on the warped side. Any other ideas how to get the lid to sit level and seal properly?