It won’t turn off???

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Okay this one seems crazy to me. I got a 2008 GTX with about 60 hrs on it (yes, it’s still like new). Went to de-winterize it, brought the battery out of the house (new end of last season) and installed it, put on the Dess key, heard the two beeps (ready to start) pulled the key and finished cleaning up a few things and then realized it was continuing to beep at me (key removed still) I assume the warning that ya left the key in Beeps. Noticed the gauges were still lit up, key still not on...hit the start button and it fired right up (no key). Hit the stop button and it turned off like normal..but gauges we’re still on. Put the key back on again...two beeps...removed the key..gauges still on. So removed the battery ground and gauges went off. Reconnected battery again..gauges off still..put the key on..two beeps..removed key, gauges still on. I did this a few times, same thing...start stop button works as it should, runs fine but nothing seems to power off the gauges except for physically disconnecting the battery. Any idea‘s where to start checking?
The main 30 amp relay gets it on power from the dess post so if the relay is stuck on it would act like your describing.
I was kinda thinking the same thing, so I pulled the 30 amp relay this morning and bench tested it using a multi-meter. It all checked out fine, 85-86 posts (power) had continuity, 30-87a also had continuity, 30-87 didn't have continuity until power was sent, then it did have continuity. From what I can tell that is how it should perform.

Also noted/tested the fuses in the fuse box, with no key on no power to the fuses, once the key is connected all fuses have power, and once the key is removed again all fuses have power still (and I don't believe they should with the key off).

So is there something before the 30 amp relay that is still sending power to it? Starter Solenoid maybe? Is there a way to test this part somehow?

I have no idea why but I did read that that relay is difficult to bench test and the best way to test them is to find one that for sure works and replace it.
Okay, they are only $10-$11, so I'll grab a new one and give it a try...if that was the problem it would sure be an easy/cheap fix. Thanks!!
Oh, that's a great idea. I just tried that and it does turn off the gauges when I unplug the dess post connector.

So are you thinking that means a short of some sort in the dess post wires? Or would it be best to just replace the whole dess post entirely?
It's a four wire post, I'm just concerned if it's the post itself or even the wiring up to the plug, or if there is some sort of short at/after the plug for it. If its something before that plug I think just replacing the whole thing should fix it, but if it's after that plug point then I don't want to spend $75 on a part I don't need.
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