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Good Afternoon,

We currently have two SeaDoo GTX 260 is Jet Skis. One is 2014 and one is 2015 model. We currently trouble shooting and have been advised by our local SeaDoo dealer to change the steering harness. Part no 278002950 can I take the harness from the 2015 model and further my fault finding on the 2014 model ?

Hull numbers -
YDV03067B515 - 2015
CAYDV2114A414 - 2014

Thanks !
As you know, the 2015 has new inductive style key which the 14 doesn't have. I think that is the only difference meaning the connectors are all the same so I think you can switch them to test. However, it is simpler to just test continuity for each wire instead of switching out entire harnesses.
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