2014 Seadoo GTX 260 iS Limited - P0524 Error


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I was just out on the water with 2014 seadoo GTX 260 iS Limited and up at cruising speed when it threw an engine light and then oil light with a code P0524. Now it's in limp mode. I've changed the oil and oil filter and doesn't appear to have fixed anything as the code's still present.

Any idea of where to go from here?
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After running it for a moment to see if the code will clear (it didn't 😭 ), I pulled the oil filter again and with it being brand new, I can tell it hadn't gotten any oil.

Is this looking like an oil pump failure?
Checking back in, def an oil pump failure. Lesson learned, when the supercharger fails, pull the engine and get every last bit out. Front and rear pump are chewed up from the debris :( .


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