IBR Actuator removal from 215 Wake Pro

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Hi There!

Please help!
I need to remove the IBR Actuator from my 215 Wake Pro. I have been reading the workshop manual and watching a few youtube videos where everything seems to work just nicely but my actuator is stuck and won't come out.
What I have done so far:
- Removed the 5 bolts that are mounting the actuator to the bracket
- Removed the 2 bolts that are mounting the "U"-arm to the actuator axle.

What else would I need to do to get the thing out? In the workshop manual, it says that one might need to pry it out. Man have I tried that! I have used heat (gently) and some chemicals trying to get any rust out of the way but it seems like it does not help. I would not like to apply more force in the attempt to pry it out as the aluminum bracket will get damaged if I do.
Have I forgotten something?

Any help is appreciated

Remove two bolts that go through the I arm and the 4 bolts that mount actuator to mounting plate inside hull and should pull out there is a seal on actuator housing mounting area
See pictures attached


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Thanks Gazzaskirepair,

I have removed the two bolts from the U-arm as you described.
The actuator I have is attached with five bolts. All removed as per instructions attached. It feels like I have one bolt still attached but according to the repair manual there should be only five on the actuator frame an two attached to the U-arm. Whst have I forgot? This is a mystery.


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It’s probably the seal that holding it
Just make sure you have the five correct bolts removed from Inside I remember the front lower being a bitch to get at
I tried today again. I applied maximum amount of force on the prying-bar, and the actuator is still stuck there. If I use more force the bracket will break. There must be a better way to get it out than just prying. Any good ideas how to get the actuator out?


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Did you removed the plastic square key after you removed the 2 short bolt close together on the left #16 part on Diagram1592789303731.png
Did you take the gate and brake bucket completely out of the ski before trying to remove the actuator? The geared shaft on the actuator could be jamming in the the brake arm if only one side is loose. The service manual can be confusing on the proper steps to follow in a removal process.

Also when you put her back together the mounting plates nuts are imbedded in plastic so don’t over torque the bolts and use new bolts where specified, they have a thread locker preinstalled.
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Amigo32 and Skiasylum - thanks for your messages!

The bolts #17 have been removed and the U-Arm (#15) is not attached to the actuator axle. The #17 bolts were so corroded that they snapped off and I had to use a small grinder to remove some of the material from the U-ARm to get it off the actuator axle. So far so good.
I got the actuator removed today finally - thanks to amigo32 for the eye-opener... there was a plastic ring (probably #15) that I had to break/remove before the actuator could be released. All the aluminum parts were so corroded that they had actually begun to "swollen" a bit and I guess that is one of the reasons why everything seems impossible in this case. Attaching a picture of the situation just before the removal of the actuator. As you can see there is some strange stuff around one of the spacers. I guess that is Aluminum, or supposed to be.
One thing to mention here that I just bought this Seadoo 2:nd hand and it seems like this jetski has never been serviced!! I will try to fit a new IBR just to test the system and next winter I will service the whole jetski properly


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The IBR system is very sensitive to any binding are misalignment of the gate or bucket and the IBR actuator is not cheap. I would completely overhaul your gate before I put in a new actuator. New nylon bushings, metal bushings, mounting plates both sides, metal bolts and bushings, service manual and a torque wrench.
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