how to tie up to regular dock

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Hi, heading to the beach this summer, most houses dont seem to have ramps, and the beach is pretty swampy, is there a way I can tie up to the dock for the week? Its pretty shallow, is what are my options for anchoring ?

I think the general consensus it to not tie a jet boat off for an extended time.

Maybe a week would be OK.

Apparently, flora and fauna from the water learn to inhabit our water passages and clog stuff up.

My dad used ot leave his big-block jetboat in the water for no more than a long holiday weekend.
:agree: A week should be fine, just remember when you remove the ski from the water to give it a really good flush and rinse down with soap and water and a good spray or WD-40 to the motor and other working parts.
Bilge pump...

If your going to tie up regularly, it might be a good idea to invest in a small automatic bilge pump. Its not unusual for leaks to develop at the carbon seal and flood the engine compartment. You could put this together as a temp and only put it in the hull and hook to the battery when your away. Under normal conditions, your bailing tubes will keep it dry. But, parked... I'd want a bit of insurance that the hull was not going to flood on me......:cheers:
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