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Guys Iv been through the ringer last year with old two stroke skis.....this year I’m not playing the game. I want low hours and a reliable ski....I’m not Afraid of maintenance i can do everything myself. I just don’t want another grenade . What are your thoughts on an 07 SeaDoo supercharged RXP 215 with VTs and reverse...skis in good shape it needs a seat and some buff but it only has 30 hours on it and I’m told maintained. Ski came in on trade over the winter and they want 4K for it. What are your thoughts??? Should i spend more and get a newer ski higher mileage or are these things pretty solid. I want at least one summer no problems id like to get the steel supercharger washers in but as of now the mechanic at the dealer says everything as far as slip is in spec.. lemme know. Thanks guys !!


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As long as the SCs are properly maintained the engine holds up quite well. Ask for proof that the supercharger was rebuilt. If it was well maintained this should have been done a couple times now.
When did they update the valves? The exhaust valves on the earlier 4tecs were hollow and tended to snap off and grenade the motor. Do some research on that. I personally love this ski, and so will you. It's a muscle-craft compared to the 2strokes. Hang on!
I've done a little bit of research on 4 strokes recently. I'm sticking with two strokes but they fit my kind of riding. I would not ever buy a supercharged jet ski. 55 is fast enough for this ole boy and I like to keep it simple. When I compare engine replacements on 2 and 4 stroke. The two stroke engine is 1/3 of the cost of rebuild. I'm comparing $1000 to $3000. Again I don't ride in the BIG WATER. Good luck whatever you decide.