GTX ltd exhaust clamp coming loose

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Hi all.
I have a seadoo gtx ltd on a 98. I had the carbs rebuilt by a “reputable” source. When I took it out on the sea it was ok for a bit but all of a sudden the exhaust fell apart from the rubber clamp to the muffler.
I noticed that the big clamp holding the exhaust together in the middle had also moved.
i retightened the big clamp and the others. It was fine for a bit then the muffler came totally off.
I decided to fix myself and also replaced the stator which involved taking the exhaust off among other things. I put it all back together and tightened everything correctly even using a torque wrench.
I took it out today and it was great. When I was flushing though I noticed the bloody big stainless clamp had moved again!
Does anyone know why this is happening and maybe a cure?
I’ve lost faith in the ski and once fixed it’s going to make room for a new gti se 170.

Thanks in anticipation
Replace the rubber bushings in the pipe mounts and the sleeves if they are damaged.
Quick update. Just checked bolts and the one behind the engine has snapped!
would that still be a result of the bushings and sleeves being worn?
Anything that lets that big heavy pipe move and vibrate is a problem. Even the broken bolts are typically caused by worn bushings.
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