gtx ltd

  1. S

    GTX ltd exhaust clamp coming loose

    Hi all. I have a seadoo gtx ltd on a 98. I had the carbs rebuilt by a “reputable” source. When I took it out on the sea it was ok for a bit but all of a sudden the exhaust fell apart from the rubber clamp to the muffler. I noticed that the big clamp holding the exhaust together in the middle...
  2. CreekerMike

    951 Smoke from pisser

    Greeting and salutations everyone. Ive ran into some more trouble with my Gtx Ltd' the ski has performed immaculate for about 30 hard hours but now im running into some trouble. The other day I went to a raft up on a sand bar. I cut the ski off when i got into shallow water and dragged it up on...
  3. E

    2006 gtx ltd reverse cable routing.

    Does anyone have any pictures on where the reverse cabe is supposed to be routed on a 2006 gtx ltd? I bought mine and the reverse cable had been removed because it broke and now its time to replace it but i'd like to route it how it came from the factory and not sure how that was done.
  4. Double07

    Can I pull a wakeboard on my 98 GTX Limited?

    I just got a 98 GTX limited which I am almost done rebuilding the engine. I want to try wakeboarding this summer and was wondering if the doo can pull a wakeboard. If yes, where do I tie the rope? There is a small hook right above the two opennings in the back that squirts water when flushing...