Does this seem like too much vibration?

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Finally finally finally got my ski out back together and fixed after the wreck. I did use an alignment tool when mounting engine, I believe I did it right. Would just like your guy’s opinion on this, maybe I’m a bit paranoid. Just want to make sure all looks well! Thanks

Ran good today. Only issue is when I first start up, seems like the ski is flooding a bit. Hesitates to take off, and I have to play with the throttle at low speeds to keep it from dying and get past it. But once it's warm it runs like a beast. Also, my gauges won't turn off when I stop the ski
Curious if there are any other slo mo videos out there..... interesting to see how much the engine moves. I'm am absolutely loving working on this jet ski, so much fun! Blood sweat and tears, worth it! :crazy:

My biggest annoyance is startup. Cold, the ski is a bit hard to start. And the hesitation/dying at low speeds until it warms up. Sounds like a needle/seat problem but I had that totally dialed in! IDK.... I guess if all else fails I'll be buying me a new pair of carbs

EDIT: hard start and hesitation at lower speeds seems to only be in the water. On the trailer, starts up right away and revs no problamo....
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all engines will vibrate a little, especially a 2 stroke engine. i wouldnt worry too much about it. take the spark plugs out and remove the pto cover. turn the engine over by hand. if it is easy to turn over by hand, chances are your alignment is correct. this is not the be all end all test, but a good rule of thumb is to try that. if everything moves smoothly with no binding you should be good. if the shaft and engine arent aligned, it will bind and you will feel resistance.
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