Dilemma: Repair or Donate?

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My 1997 GTX 787 is "hydrolocking" with oil. I have read a few threads on this issue and realize that my crankshaft seals are bad. Small amount of oil in the PTO cylinder after turning over and covering with a rag for a few minutes. Vast amounts in the forward cylinder even after cranking for several minutes and clamping off the large oil supply tube.

I have owned these skis since 1999 and they have ~130 hours. Most time put on these in their early years. For the past 10 years they have been used 1-2 times/ year and were always put away with proper storage protocol. That is until 4 years ago, I did not season it for storage and had to replace the carb filters and diaphragms. Took them out 2 years ago for one day and they both worked great.

Fast forward two years and I am ready sell my home at the river and no longer desire the skis. Aside from this one mechanical issue they are both in great shape and cosmetically look relatively new.

My questions:
1) Is it worth having the crankshaft seals replaced and selling the ski? I am assuming it is only worth $2000 in running condition. I don't have the tools to perform this repair myself.
2) Don't bother to repair and sell for parts?
3) Don't repair and donate to charity and take a tax write off?
4) Include all water toys in the sale of the vacation home at the river and let someone else deal with them.

I appreciate your advice and any other suggestions you can offer. Thanks in advance.
Install a shutoff valve on the oil line. Turn it off when not in use. They also have a solenoid based valve that gets its ground from the DESS post. This makes it easier for you as you don't have to remember to turn it off and on.

Once the valve is installed. Ride them and enjoy them.

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I'd ask a realtor about including them in the sale and let the buyer decide. It's worth considering IMO.

Might as well put them at the curb and put a free sign on them.

To the OP, if you really don't want them anymore I would put them on Cragislist and take what you can get for them whole. In cali you might be able to drag $700 out of that ski. I'd rather the some hundos in my hand than give to to someone who would by the house and let them put the cash in their hand.
Sell them, don't donate them, even a totally roached out ski still brings money. At worst if you planned on donating it, at least take 3 minutes and pull the MPEM out, its easy to remove, easy to sell. (as are the rave's and water regulator) Donate the rest and you get $250 cash & a write off as well.

crank it a few times, install a ball valve, throw it on CL, advise the buyer how the valve works and let him fix it.

throwing them in as a bonus for the house sale isn't a bad idea, might not fetch more money, but the house might sell faster, which is a plus.
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