1. F

    Rotax engine cranks over without plugs, but when plugs are in it has a hard time.

    I have a 95 seadoo xp My jet ski is cracking fine withour plugs in them, when I put plugs the starter has a really hard time to crank over. I saw that most people just crank the hell out of it to get some oil out. And it starts fine. MY BATTERY IS ALSO REALLY BAD, when I crank it over it drops...
  2. S

    1996 Seadoo XP clicks, won't start... but what a journey its been! Please help

    I know there are countless other posts like this, but theres much more to begin with for this jet ski... and I need help. I got this jet ski from my cousin who hadn't run it in 3 years... it was stored in a barn and dry of fluids and was winterized before being put away... I got it running...
  3. J

    Flooding carbs?

    97 Seadoo challenger 1800 Good morning guys, I have motor that I suspect was hydrolocked. I was running the boat, came into shore to play. Three hours later I came back to wakeboard around and the port motor would not turn. I was able to get the drive shaft unstuck, and now the motor...
  4. D

    Dilemma: Repair or Donate?

    My 1997 GTX 787 is "hydrolocking" with oil. I have read a few threads on this issue and realize that my crankshaft seals are bad. Small amount of oil in the PTO cylinder after turning over and covering with a rag for a few minutes. Vast amounts in the forward cylinder even after cranking for...
  5. Michael211_2000

    Hydrolocking your engine... don't do it!

    Since everybody seems to be getting their Doo's out and ready for the holiday weekend, I'd like to say something about hydrolocking your engines... don't do it! If you're running your PWC on the trailer hooked to a water hose, the procedure is: Start engine, turn on water... turn off water...