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Changing Crankcase Oil - 947/951 engine


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The one you have is perfect. Just means Heavy Duty, basically marketing.
I’m in the process of doing this to my 951, and this last owner must have been a nut with a bad mechanic, because the bolt for the case oil was totally missing and the oil is badly water fouled and dirty. I got a replacement bolt and have been trying to flush the old oil with new, crank it, pull it out, repeat. But I don’t think I’m doing this efficiently because the stuff coming out is nastyyy. It also doesn’t want to take a full 40ml like the guide here says- it’ll barely take 10 before it won’t take any more. Maybe just trapped air? Any thoughts on flushing this stuff out? I need something that can emulsify the water and oil so I can suck it out. I thought seafoam but since it’s for the crank/counterbalance I don’t know if that’s the best idea.
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A hole being blown out of your cranckcase :)

I am not sure you can tell without checking the oil, and in your case with the '96 engine, this would mean you would have to split the case.

Perhaps using a mechanics stethoscope would allow you to hear an abnormal noise from your gears if they are getting chewed up like in the pics from this thread: 1999 GSX Engine Blew-what could have caused it? Pics

Of course, you would have to first know what the "normal" sound of the gears would be.

Thank you, For whatever reason I got an email about this thread. So far thru end of 2018 the ski runs great. Even though I retired last nov 2018 I didn't even put it in the water this yr :( ......Too busy selling Amsoil.....but I did ride my GSXL in FL. several times.

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