Buying used seadoo guide??

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While looking for tips on buying used pwc,
Some articles suggest asking local pwc dealer help to look at the used pwc before buying.
But why would pwc dealer help you as they would loose sells on new pwc.
Because they make money. They're not going to do it for free. Most of their money is made on maintenance and parts - very little profit in actually selling new skis.
Thanks for the info, im planning to get a used 2019 gtx with low hour (80H), looks well kept n the engine looks pretty good on pics. Do u think i still need the dealer help just for safety?
And what price range do you think theyll charge me?
Thanks alot
It's always advisable if you know little to nothing about jetskis. But, all the dealers I know are booked solid for maintenance, so they may not be able to get to it quickly. You could always call them and ask...I would expect them to charge at least 1 hour labor...probably $80-100??

If nothing else, it needs to be test ridden to ensure it runs properly. "Trailer tests" are not sufficient.

If the buyer won't let you test ride, ask them to take you for a ride or you drive and they sit on the back.

You'll want to make sure it runs smooth, attains top speed and there are no leaks.
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