BUDS and BUDS2 diagnostics

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Can anybody here answer a few questions I'm having with it?
For the price of it, one would think the manual would be a little more in-depth than it is..
In the service manual the chapter on BUDS and diagnostics is like 30 pages. It’s pretty much the same diagnostics systems that are in modern cars and airplanes. BRP also builds airplanes and it uses the same system in planes as it does in all of its toys. It’s modules electronically talking to each other and when a module receives a fault from one of its inputs,IBR,flap motor, TPS, EGT sensor, etc it notifies the main module, ECM in Ski doos and it either stores the fault or sends it to our display module which you can then see on one of your gauges.

BRP BUDS2 is a licensed software which BRP only makes available to authorized dealers which makes it somewhat difficult for the DIYer to maintain and service your own ski.

A couple software companies similar Candoo Pro have made the the software available to the general public but it is does not include all the BUDS diagnostic tools. Not sure if it’s copied or purchased from BRP.

It’s all about the dollar for BRP and it’s dealers.
Yeah I have the BRP model and I know what BRP claims BUDS and BUDS2 can do... But you get a 25 page manual for BUDS2 and to condense down all it can do and how to do it to 25 pages, they leave a lot out...
Cell phone manuals are 100 pages lol

That's why I was wondering if someone that uses one daily might answer a few questions
Well when one says " answer a few questions I'm having with it? " I figured most would view it as, I have one.
Maybe post your questions and someone will chime in, although not too many members or moderators have access to the BUDS software.
Hi Ski doo
do you know how to power up a Spark 60hp to a 90hp using BUDS2?
i have the mechatronics Expert Licence but i'm new to BUDS2, used BUDS Megatech for years.
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