broken coolant fitting on 140mm pump

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so I managed to break the fitting that goes to the pump for the coolant line on two different 140mm pumps. the threaded part of the fitting is still in the pump and i cant get it out. I coudnt find anything on how to fix it. I have a 140mm pump off a gsx that had a brass threaded fitting that the plastic piece threaded into but these pumps dont seem to have them. one came off a 97 spx and one off a 96 spx. i was thinking of drilling it out and epoxying the piece in but it kinda seems like a hack to do that and id rather fix it the right way. Any ideas?


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Unfortunately you’re going to have to extract the piece that’s stuck in there and replace the fitting. OSD makes an aluminum one that is much sturdier, but the hard part is going to be getting the old one out. I think a bolt extractor or left hand drill bit are probably going to be your best options there.
Harbor Freight sells a "thread extractor kit" used for plumbing purposes...when pipes break and leave their threads behind in the fitting.....the kit comes with 5 different size extractors (I think).....pretty cheap. They are basically "easy-outs".

If you can't find something small enough, try taking a piece of flat steel, taper it to fit into your situation, sharpen the sides for biting into the left behind threads, tap it into the broken threads and turn it out with pliers or whatever you got. Be gentle, patient and you'll get it out. Liberal shots of penetrating fluid won't hurt either.
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