140mm Pump rebuild problem


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I'm trying to rebuild a pump and I installed the bearings using an arbor press and the shaft won't go in the second bearing.
It's kinda tight going into the first one and just gets into the 2nd one and won't go any further?
The shaft looks like it has line in it about 3/4 of an inch down from the threaded side?
Any ideas?


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You sure you have the correct bearings? Should be a tad loose going in. If you used an arbor press that is a pretty safe way to install the bearings.
I got them from OSD.
I’ll have to measure the bearing a little better
they were both right about .100
The line is a stainless sleeve that the seal rides on. I am assuming that the shaft is new from the picture. The shaft should have zero taper. I would carefully measure the shaft first before doing anything with the bearings since that is easier. Be sure it is not bigger at the thrust end because that would stop it as you said. Bearing depth is for lubrication not fit. Read the caution note right before the depth diagram in the shop manual. And cheap bearings cause all manners of problems. I really wonder why replace the bearings in the first place. If the bearings and shaft were all buggered up, the housing bore could be too and that could deform the bearing in my mind. .
Thanks Brian
This is a pump I’ve had for years
The seal was leaking and had let some water in so I was replacing the seal and bearings.
Thinking about it some more when I removed the bearings the bottom one was kind of stuck. I thought it was the 518 holding the seal but now I think the tool was off some how and damaged the bore.
Thanks again