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Hi! We just bought a 1996 Bombardier Speedster. We were attracted to the boat because of the size as well as not having an outboard motor. When we did the test with the previous owner we fell in love with it. It is quick and just a fun boat. We are looking for a quick start guide - or a Seadoo boat for dummies. I found the owners manual online but it doesn't tell the nitty gritty.

When we took it out by ourselves it seemed sluggish. When we pulled the drain plug after being out on the lake, it released a lot of water (more than our previous boat). Any tips? Do you know of a quick start guide? We are also looking for the best place to buy a Bimini top that will fit it. I appreciate any help in advance and I am so excited to be part of the Seadoo community.
Hi, post your engine type, so we can help you out with some most common sea doo problems. Thank you. Do you have a Mercury V6 M2 engine or a twin rotax engine?
You Should....
1. Service the fuel system including rebuilding the carbs with only Genuine Mikuni carb kits and needle and seats.
2. Verify you are using the correct API-TC rated oil and change the in-line oil filter.
3. Grease the PTO.
4. Inspect the driveshaft seal.
5. Install new NGK BR8ES spark plugs.
6. Change the small 3/32" oil lines from the pump to the intake manifold and verify oil pump adjustment.
7. Inspect the wear ring and impeller.
8. Change the jst pump oil.
Seadoo's have an oil injection system so no need to mix the oil unless the past person decided to by pass the oil injection system
You want oil injection as it is super reliable on the Seadoo's and will use about 1/2 the oil of premix. But you need to see if the PO removed the system and if they did it correctly as on the seadoo you still have to supply oil to the engine even with premix unlike all other brands.
When you say "sluggish" do you mean the engines were slow to spool up, or did they rev up and hit the rev-limiter? Sort of like a burnout on the water, and then the boat started to catch up?
well, it was 2 years ago....

i would suggest measuring the width of the boat where you want to install it.

then search amazon for, say... 86" bimini.
Thanks, there are so many to choose from I thought there was a recommendation for one that fits our boats well. (or better than others) Mine already has the brackets mounted at 78" wide. I’ll search for that.
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