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I am thinking about installing a bilge pump on a 2019 seadoo gtr230 and was wondering if anyone has any pictures of their setup.

Does it void the warranty?
I don't have direct answers to your questions, but I have installed an aftermarket bilge pump on a 2011 GTI.

Fairly easy DIY job...make sure you install an inline fuse on the positive cable to the battery. I recommend an auto sensing / auto-on pump that can run WITHOUT the engine running or key installed. Also recommend the bilge outlet (where the water shoots out) be in a spot that is visible so that you know right away that you have a problem. I installed mine just below the passenger grab bar.

Last time I looked, the SeaDoo OEM system only works when the key is inserted and they state the outlet should be below the rub rails.

I tested my setup about once a month by partially filling the hull with water to ensure it would kick in.
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I am in the process of installing a bilge pump to my 2013 GTI 155 SE. It is autosense down to 1.5" but also has manual mode if desired. Looks pretty simple. Quick Q. I can put it directly to battery and use the "Auto-Manual-Off" rocker switch to control it (through a fuse of course). Does the fusebox have any spare spaces that I could leverage that are powered when the key is on?
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