Beeps without the lanyard

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I've searched for answers for the past two weeks and can't find anything. MY 2005 SEADOO GTX SC BEEPS WITHOUT THE KEY ON THE DESS!!!!!! I've disconnected the connector that leads to the DESS and the start/stop switch, and the ski still beeps, AND the instrument cluster turns on.

ALSO, the TOPS solenoid keeps cycling on/off ALL WHILE THE KEY IS OFF AND DESS DISCONNECTED. What gives?

Things I've done:
-Checked the two connectors on the MPEM and found corroded MPEM, so I replaced it.
-Checked DESS post with an ohmmeter: works like it's supposed to.
-Disconnected DESS and on/off switch connectors under the steering cover (right above the rectifier)

And the Instrument cluster still turns on and TOPS solenoid cycles on/off!?!?!?!?!

Anybody ever run into this?
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