Anybody know Mike from PWCGraphics?

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So does anybody know Mike from PWCGraphics? Want to make sure he is OK. He normally responds to emails within one day but the last time I heard from him was May 13th.
So after another email he had a short reply to me on June 9th saying he thought he was waiting on me??? I paid April 25th and have not gotten any renderings or decals. Sent a few more emails got nothing back. I paid with Paypal so I will be starting a dispute soon. Don't like to bash people but be honest either tell me you need more time or just send me my money back if you can no longer produce the product. When I purchased stuff for my GSX a few years ago I got it within a week and my full XP800 set I got from him this spring only took about a week.
So need to update. On June 17th he sent me the renderings (remember I was asking for a custom color on one of his designs), I replied back with which one I wanted. Then nothing again, I emailed on June 29 for a tracking number, he replied back and said he would check when he got in the shop. On July 2nd I got a tracking number. They got delivered July 8th but he forgot the Registration numbers, he was very apologetic and sent out the Numbers on the 10th and I got them today. Will post pics on my GTX thread when they are all installed.

So Mike's product is AWESOME!! I will always use him for my PWC decal needs! The quality of the product he uses and his design work is superior!! I would just appreciate honesty on time frame. I wouldn't care if he was 6 months out I'm always going to buy his product. But he needs to tell people this before they place their order.

It seems like the same kinda thing going on at Full Bore, small shop big workload but you have to let people know what the actual time frame is going to be and let the customer deiced if they want to wait.
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